We have been your constant companions in every flavour of life. Whether it was the sweetness of a new relationship or the sourness of a lost cricket match, the Krunch amidst a movie or stolen Bites from your friend’s bag pack, Real Namkeen has been spreading happiness since 1989.

Do you know what makes us everybody’s favorite? Our Keenness? and our NamKeenness?! You read it right, because everything that goes out with our label is a promise of excellence and tasted by our leaders themselves and tested by our diligent quality team.

Laxmi Snacks Pvt. Ltd. is the parent company of two most loved brands, Real Namkeen (snacks and bites) and Real Bakers (cakes and bakery products). With a network of over 400+ distributors, our family is extending every day.


Our ?Vision? is actually Vis?eon?.

Achieving leadership position in the food industry based on our performance and the promise of giving the best Indian Namkeen to our customers. We also see ourselves becoming an epitome of sustainable development in the food domain.


Mission never missed!

We are committed to creating and marketing best quality products with attention to detail in order to provide our consumers with a pleasant emotion and affordable option.

We strive to create value through best management practices, empowered work force and corporate social responsibility.

Our Savoury Philosophy

  • We pay attention to detail because everything we manufacture is about to become an integral part of your lives.
  • We have something yummy for everyone, for every time and for every occasion!
  • We don’t just pack our products with Namkeen, we pack them with joyful emotions.
  • We only use high- shelf life oil which makes our Namkeen even better than it already is!
  • Our products are personally tasted by the heads to make sure that whatever reaches our customers is of the best quality.


Attention and Attitude – We are keen about the quality of our Namkeen and that attitude is our hallmark.
Emotion – We pack emotions, we create memories and we live them with you.
Excellence – Because ‘good enough’ is not enough for us.
Passion – We serve our passion packed with taste.
Innovation – Because we understand that variety is the spice of life?
Commitment – Open and honest commitment and dialogue.

Why us?

Fully automated plant

Zero manual intervention

100% Vegetarian

Oil with high shelf life

Prominent position in Gujarat

Most Trusted Snack